Annie's 1st time on sheep

I started training Annie with sheep today.  Annie is about 7 month's old.  I put her on a lead in the small round pen.  She's really quick.  She has a lot to learn but is very eager.  She was already trying to nip the sheep.  She loves being around the farm with me, but today was the first time I asked her to work with the stock. She's had a couple accidental workings when animals were out and she was there and got to "chase" them away.  I love her potential.  


I posted a Video of her working on my Rocky Bluff Farm FaceBook page.  It was too big for me to put here without editing.  Check it out.

She is still for sale.  She will make someone a great little female.  I love her potential for stock work.  She is up to date on her shots.  Annie has been on Heartworm preventative since she was 5 months old and she knows a lot of obedience and yard commands.  Call me if you'd like more information about her or my others for sale.

It's a little dark. It was so humid I waited to work them until later so the sheep wouldn't be so hot.