Are you considering buying Locally Grown Beef for your



Rocky Bluff Farm-located in Nortonville Kentucky, offers Freezer Beefs for sale to clients who want 100% locally grown beef to feed your friends and family.  

We sell the animal at live weight for $1.90 per pound (as of 1/2016) when


Our HORMONE FREE calves are grain and grass and/or hay finished to approximately 1250 pounds.  

We will sell as little as a 1/4 beef or up to a whole. 

Still interested?  Below answers many of our FAQs:


A Non Refundable Deposit is required.

$75 for 1/4, $125 1/2, $250 whole beef

Rocky Bluff Farm will deliver the animal to the packers.  

We use two packers (Yoder's Custom Butchering in Sebree or Porter Road Butcher in Princeton, KY) according to their availability.

It is the buyer's responsibility to arrange the desired cuts of meat and pay the packer directly for processing.  You will also pick up your own meat from the packers, typically 10-12 days after we deliver the animal to them. 

             Processing will vary depending on how you would like your meat prepared.


FOR EXAMPLE (Estimated) you would pay for a whole beef:

Porter Road Butcher charges  $0.38 per pound of LIVE Weight.  So the 1250 # animal processing would be charged a $475 processing fee.

Yoder's Custom Butchering charges  $0.40/pound of dressed meat + $16.00 kill fee + 6.00 disposal fee.  


                   Calculated from 1250# (live weight) x 55% yield = 687.5 # meat x $0.40 + 16 + 6= $310.75 processing charge, PLUS any extras like patties, trimmed lean or smaller packaging.

                   From Yoder's your total cost would be estimated a1250 # x $1.90 (price per pound)= $2375+ $311 = $2686/ 687.5 = $3.91 per pound of meat

From Porter Road Butcher your total cost would be estimated at 1250 # x $1.90 (price per pound)=$2375 + 475 processing=$2850/687.50 (est. yield weight)=$4.14 per pound 


Want to place an order or have more questions, just contact us with the link above. Or call 270-676-9495.