Rocky Bluff Farm

and our Cattle Working

Border Collies 





Below are two of my male and female breeding dogs,

Buddy and Lucy.


To the left is Lucy with her first litter of puppies. She had eight!!



lucyandpupsBuddy Lucy 2012 profile




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My last litter of Puppies from Lucy and Buddy are now a year old.  The young dogs should have the heart and excitedness to work from Buddy and the lovingness and willing attitude from Lucy.  It's a great match.  These Border Collie Puppies are ready to go to a begin trainng on stock.  I have briefly exposed them to my sheep, but haven't began training yet.  Contact me for pricing, as it changes as the dog's training progresses.  See my Facebook Page (Rocky Bluff Farm) for updated pictures and videos.  



 About Buddy--the sire


     Buddy is a black and white traditionaly marked ABC registered Border Collie.  I purchased him to replace my aging, tricolored male dog, Chip.  Buddy is very energetic.  He always has energy to fetch our cows.  He has a good outun around the stock.  With guidance from the older dog, Buddy even works well out of my sight.  Buddy is trained using voice commands and some hand signals.  He knows his directions and will lie down when asked--even facing stock. 

     With our needs here on the farm, Buddy has more opportunity to push the cattle than fetch.  I use my dogs to move my cows where I need them--not practicing for trials.  Subsequently, he's better at pushing stock in a larger acreage, than fetching the cows, but he can do both.  As with any dog, I'm not finished training Buddy, but most people would consider him a fully trained dog!


About Lucy--the dam


      Lucy is an ABC registered Border Collie.  She is mostly black with 4 white feet and some white on her face.  She is truly the sweetest dog.  She loves attention.  She's my son's dog.  Every year since we've had her, he's entered her in the local Pet show.  One year they won "Pet that most resembles Master" category--they dressed as Dragons!  He taught her to lead, sit, shake and even lie in the back of a toy gator.

     She comes from working stock lines.  Lucy is just over two years old.  She's had two litters of puppies for us.  I had just started her on sheep before she was bred.  She is eager to work, but obedient when called off the stock too.  I have put her on a small group of cows and she works readily with them also.  She still needs some polish, but will make a great dog.  Lucy learns so quickly.   This is something I know she's passing to her pups.