Planting a seedling: in front of the shovel

Sunday we planted trees around the farm.  Most were oaks and poplars seedlings.  They won't mature in my lifetime.  I was telling the kids that they needed to go help us so they could tell their kids about the time they planted these trees with their grandparents.  Lauren asked, "Why can't you tell them?"   I answered that it takes at least 50 -60 years for these to grow big and then added my age to it.  I asked her how many people she knew lived that long anymore.  She got real sad.  

But none of us are promised even one more day.  Yet, we planted these trees in the hopes that generations away can enjoy their shade.  And hopefully Dean and Lauren will remember this day that started it all...if the trees live that is.  Anyway, we all had a fun afternoon.  The kids got to run and romp in the grass and get dirty.  William got to cut down some thistles; and I got to get my hands dirty planting something.  The cows watched with interest.  The calves are about 3-4 months old now.  They are growing well out on pasture with their moms.

Kids playing in the pasture

Calves are about 3-4 months old now