Annie 3 months old

I took Annie with me this morning to feed the horses.  I let them out of the front of the barn to graze while I cleaned the stalls.  I left the gate open and the cow I am hand feeding came up and before I knew it, she went out to graze too.  

Annie looked at her like she knew the cow was in the wrong place.  The she looked at me, like " I'm not sure what to do."  With some coaxing and guidance, Annie drove the cow back through the barn.  She even tried to grip the cow's heel.  Annie is normally sweet and loving, but around that cow out, her whole demeanor changed.  She became what she's bred to be--a cattle dog.  

She loves to go with me to the barn.  She can already sit and come and lead.  Now she's learning to get in the truck and ride.  She is showing promise for when I truly start her on stock.  She is still for sale.  Contact me for her current price, as it changes with each level of training.