I had a "happy accident" with our cows today.  William and I were at our house putting out hay for the cows.  I dropped the electrice fence gap--like usual--and went to let my dogs out to play--like usual.  I left him with the tractor and load of hay to set out.

I was on the other side of the house and heard the tractor horn.  There were cows out in the yard!  They had walked over the gap eager to get to the fresh green yard grass.  I had just let all 8 dogs of out of their pens.  

Cooper and Cami got there first and  tried to help, but they really pushed the cows further into the yard away from the lot.  They called off readliy--which I like.  They both have good control--just need more skills.

Lucy, then, quickly circled and herded two of them back toward the lot.  She even gripped one on the heel when it wouldn't move fast enough!  That was a first for her.  I wasn't sure if she would grip or not.  I am proud of her.  

Then two of my 5 month old puppies (Annie and Louis) got in on the action.  They were herding and chasing after one of the cows Lucy had turned around.  I certainly wouldn't have asked or shouldn't have expected much out of the puppies--they've had no on-stock training yet.  But I was so pleased with their efforts.  They were just in the right place at he right time today.  I can't wait to start them on stock--for real.

I bet those cows will think twice before they get out in my yard again!  I know I'll remember to stay by the gap next time...maybe with a few less dogs though.  :)