Pet Show 2010 Dean and Lucy won "Pet that Most Resembles Master"


This past Saturday, we had to get our heifers up to put sitckers on them...yes we put stickers on the cows!!!  They are for us to tell when the cows are ready to breed.  I let Lucy fetch the heifers out of the lot they are in.  She made a couple of minor mistakes, but she did really great.  I've only worked her a handful of times with the sheep on fetching.  She's just natural at it.  At first she didn't want to fully circle the group of cows, but with some coaxing, she did finally get back and get them all.


Eventually, she gathered all 20 or so of them and took them to the barn where our old dog Chip was ready to help hold them in until I could get there to shut the gate.  They are both so fun to work.
The pictures are some old ones of Lucy having fun with Dean before she was old enough to work cows.  

Resting in the Gator at the 2011 Pet Show