A week ago, Friday evening I took a cow to the vet to assist with a breech calf delivery. The calf died but the cow is fine. Because we ultrasound our herd at preg check, we knew we still has a set of twins to come. Late Monday night, they came. With a little manipulation from William, we then pulled the larger male first and the tiny female was then able to slip right out. The trouble was this was her first calf (calves :) and both calves front legs were trying to come out at the same time.

Anyway, I was able to bond the cow with the dead calf to the twin heifer. She is loving on her like it's her own and has plenty of milk too! It's a great ending. Each cow has a calf to raise and won't have too much pull on her body to breed back. We've done this before, but this was the easiest forced bonding I've ever done. I love when things work out well.  


These are the pictures of the cow V47 and her "new" heifer calf.  The only negative is that she was born twin to a bull calf.  She will most likely be sterile and can't be kept.  But irregardless, we must grow and raise her to the best of our abliltiy.  I plan to turn the pair out to pasture tomorrow.  The kids had to love on the calf this afternoon and I ran out of daylight to do it all.


V47 and her "new" calf