Rascal, Chip, Maggie, Buddy 2010

This picture was taken when Buddy was 2, in 2010. Currently, I still have all of these dogs. Chip, Maggie, Rascal and Buddy.

Last week, 1/9/13, Buddy (my sire dog) was diagnosed with Blastomycosis--a systemic fungal infection. We are trying treatment now. It will be a long process to recovery. He is very sick and has lost his eyesight. I believe it will be permanent. 

He has made some improvement over the weekend. Buddy is stronger and more alert. I had to force feed him for a day and a half. He's now eating some on his own!!! And he loves the attention of being inside with us people.

FYI...this is not contagious or hereditary. It is very rare, but he most likely picked up the fungus spores while out working cows.


UPDATE 2/26/13


Buddy has now had 4 weeks of IV antifungal meds plus the daily itraconazole.  The blasto was responding very well and he was improving daily.  But last weekend he developed a case of pneumonia with fever.  We are treating that with antibiotics and pain meds.  He seems to feel better today.


But he has lost his eyesight permanently.  He has adapted well to that though.  He "feels" with his nose and steps out really big in front to "feel".  He even navigates our steps going outside, very easily.  He's such a smart dog.  I did exchange his collar for a harness so I can guide him without pulling too much on his neck.  The vet techs at Skyline just rave about how sweet he has been for all these treatments.